Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a contractor to work on what may be your most valuable asset, your home, can seem like a daunting task. There are countless, seemingly minute details that a novice may overlook. An inexperienced contractor may not be able to avoid these pit falls. These mistakes could translate into an astronomically high price to compensate for unforeseen issues not included in the initial quote. Not to mention, overlooking details could also affect the safety of your home. So, what is the discerning homeowner to do?

The first step is to find a contractor who you can trust. Consider your relationship with your doctor. Most patients would consider a trusting relationship with their doctor invaluable. When this type of relationship is established, the patient can accept the doctor’s recommended course of treatment with little or no hesitation. The reason being, the patient has carefully selected the doctor based on his expertise and can therefore place trust in his recommendation. A good relationship with a healthcare professional is one in which the patient feels secure, likes the doctor, and can trust any recommended course of action.

Forming that same type of relationship with your contractor is crucial. Listen to your instincts about the contractor, on both personal and professional levels. Ask yourself, would I let this person house sit for me? If not, why would you trust him to work on your home? Perhaps you should keep looking until you find a contractor you can trust wholly with your most valuable asset. At Viking Construction Services, we believe that when selecting a contractor, trustworthiness should outweigh price considerations ten to one. After all, your contractor will be working on, as well as in, your home.

The second step is simple in comparison to establishing a trusting relationship. The “Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Contractor” published by the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans is an invaluable resource for the discerning homeowner. Just follow the rules! Each tip listed below is included in the list as a result of avoidable problems encountered by other homeowners. Following these guidelines when choosing a contractor will save you a great deal of distress, time and money.

In conclusion, find a contractor with whom you feel truly comfortable, and who you can trust with your home. We’re out there! Consider researching Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association members. Pay attention to reviews and testimonials given by previous customers. Do not settle for a sub par contractor, who will not place as much importance in your home as you do yourself.

Good luck and Good Building!

HBA GNO Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Contractor


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