Small Jobs

No job is too large or small

We Love Small Jobs!

No job is too small for Viking Construction Services. If you are looking for top quality work, from builders that take pride in even the smallest job, we are the company for you!

Below are some examples of the small jobs we are happy to quote.

Sheet Rock Repair

Finished walls and ceilings are important to create the polished look that we all want in our home. At Viking Construction Services, we will work to match existing sheet rock for a seamless look.

Whether you are looking for drywall, sheetrock, or plaster repairs, we can help.


Adding a deck to your home provides a fun space for you and your family to enjoy. Just imagine being able to relax, socialize, or share meals with friends. Whether your property is raised, or on ground level, we can create the perfect deck for you! At Viking Construction Services, we build beautiful, functional decks meant to last.

Let us help you design it, too! We can help you to select the size, materials, finish and even special features. Give us a call today to discuss creating your outdoor dream space!


Flooring in a home is one of the most important details. Floor style can contribute heavily to the beauty of a space. Viking Construction Services can help with everything from design to complete installation. We have the experience to handle all of your flooring needs.

Looking for floor refinishing? We can do that too. Give us a call today!


Closet Build Outs

Finding storage space can be challenging. So, let Viking Construction Services create space for you! We have built beautiful closet spaces with shelving and compartments to fit almost anything. If you are looking to get more organized, or need help to better utilize space, let us come take a look. We can help!

To Request an Estimate for Small Jobs Services, Visit Our Contact Page.