I called them after Hurricane Isaac and I had a really difficult time. I have a place in Boothsville, a fishing camp, and I struggled to find anyone who could do the work down there. I saw his billboards, asked around and had gotten some recommendations. I called him and they were prompt in getting back to me to get a quote. He was not the cheapest bid, but he had such high recommendations from everyone that I went with him anyway. He did quality work, on time, for the price we’d agreed upon. There were no extra charges or overages afterward. I’m very happy with the work that he did and I would certainly recommend him to anybody who asked.

John Morice

He put a gutter roof on our house, added gutters to the front. He sealed up a bunch of areas where we were losing air and getting hot air in from outside. Whatever he did worked because the light bill has come down a pretty good bit. They’re really friendly. They completed the work in the amount of time they said it would take. They didn’t leave a mess, no scrap material left over in the yard or any of that. It was immaculate when they left, which is important to me. I would recommend him to anybody.

Shannon Drury

He’s done work, quite a bit for me personally, and not just for me, but for the church I’m a pastor of. He’s very professional, very thorough, his demeanor is very professional. I’m very happy with the work he’s done and I’d highly recommend him to anybody.

Pastor Steve Mcneal

He does good work, he backs it up. If something’s not right he comes back and fixes it. He does a lot of work for us, a metal roof, some flooring, & some siding. He actually built a camp for me. Everything he’s done has been real good, he’s fair and honest.

Tony Frickey

Post Katrina, he did a condo renovation for my wife and I. He did exceptional work at a very fair price and was very easy to work with and just a pleasure to do business with.

Neil Record

I’ve used him for years, he’s excellent.

Lulu Popham

I give him a high recommendation, he does outstanding work. He may be a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. (I’ll help him out in any way I can) I’m always trying to drum up business for him

Pastor Dave Carlton